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Many billions of years ago the powers of the world's gravitation put a cloud of meteorite dust into a bowl. Under great pressure the particles stratified themselves, disintegrated into radioactive elements, creating warmth, and then melted. This is how the Earth was warmed through the creation of volcanoes. And, throughout the Earth's history, the energy of the sun, the movement of cosmic bodies, and the energy from the depths of the Earth have come together, creating powerful elements and complicated reaction. The most important role in the this process is played by volcanoes. In an ancient epoch in the history of the Earth, there were no continents, islands, or ocean waves pounding against the cliffs.

The first created ocean covered the Earth. But, about 3.5 billion years ago volcanoes began their activity. Like giant pumps they began to siphon, from the depths of the planet, construction material from the core of the planet. At that time, the surface of the planet was like an ice desert. These volcanoes "modeled" underground ridges and volcanic islands and then formed continents. The volcanic processes on the bottom of the ocean still overcome those on the continents. They are just hidden from our view by water. The first result of volcanic activity was a lifeless stone desert covered with lava and ash and quite similar to the moon in its relief. The multiplication of micro-organisms in volcanic ash became the first step in the creation of soils on which we live and the fruits of which we eat and enjoy. The interaction of living organisms and volcanic gases created the oxygen-based atmosphere. The planet came to life and began to breathe.

The volcanoes continue to play a great role in creating a natural balance between the waters of Earth, the gases from its atmosphere, and all living organisms. No moreatter how paradoxical it sounds, volcanoes are constantly protecting the inhabitants of the Earth.

According to the calculations of scientists, only a half of the water we need comes from the cosmos - about 1.5 cubic km. per year . The second part of the water that we find in the seas, oceans, and rivers is being brought out of the Earth by volcanic activity.
Volcanoes are still saving us from desert and droughts. Volcanoes have also created multiple deposits: mercury, tin, gold, silver, and molybdenum and so on. This's far from being a full list of there creations. Even the largest deposit of diamonds in Siberia are connected with the eruption activity of ancient volcanoes. Daily, from the depths of the Earth, thermal waters bring out hundreds of tons of sulfuric and hydrochloric acids.
Oxidizing the mountain ores, they separate aluminum and iron. Sulfuric gases create deposits of native sulfur (you will see many samples of such creations when visiting thermal springs in Kamchatka.). Besides that, volcanoes create construction materials and even textile materials in the form of raw fiber from volcanic glass.


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