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Observing Bears

The Brown Bear is the king of the animals of Kamchatka . Everybody coming here dreams of seeing them. These tours give you many opportunities to see and of course to take photos of these magnificent animals. In summer when there are a lot of fish in the rivers and lakes of Kamchatka, Brown Bears go there for fishing. Kurilskoye Lake, Nalychevo Park, Kronotsky Reserve (Shumnaya river) are the most popular places where you can observe a bear's fishing.

TOUR #9 - Nalychevo, Gorely And Mutnovsky Volcanoes

TOUR #10 - Kronotsky Reserve, Nalychevo, Gorely - Mutnovsky - Avachinsky Volcanoes

TOUR #11 - Kurilskoye Lake, Gorely And Mutnovsky Volcanoes

TOUR #13 - Kurilskoye Lake Bear Viewing



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